Thomas P. Hogan Award

The Thomas P. Hogan Award for Excellence in Collegial Governance was established by the chapter in 1988. The award recognizes those members of the Merrimack College community who have contributed to furthering equity, openness, and joint professional responsibility as principles of collegial governance.
The award is named for Tom Hogan, Professor of Economics and longtime academic dean, who until the time of his retirement in 1988, helped to build governance mechanisms at the college supportive of these principles. Our chapter constitution was drafted by Professor Hogan, as were the Faculty Senate constitution and the first structured compensation system for faculty known even today as the Hogan Plan.
The award is in the form of a plaque on which the name and college title of the recipient are engraved. The plaque is on display for the college community outside of Murray Lounge. The recipient of the Hogan Award receives a frame certificate; in addition, a book on collegial governance is donated by the chapter to McQuade Library.

Thomas P. Hogan Award Recipients 

Marie A. Plasse (English), 2018

Raymond P. Dorney (Sociology), 2014

David Raymond (Visual & Performing Arts), 2013

Charles Tontar (Economics), 2010

Geraldine S. Branca (English), 1991

Larry W. Looney (Economics), 1990

George Wermers (Biology), 1989

Thomas Hogan (Economics), 1988